Launched a project team to develop a new advertising method, “OOH marketing

Launched a project team to develop a new advertising method, “OOH marketing


Evolution and Diversification of Web Marketing

ACCA has been in the web marketing business since its establishment in 2011, but in order to more effectively attract customers and branding for our clients, we needed to pursue a more diversified approach, utilizing not only web marketing but also other methods.
In recent years, the scope of web marketing has expanded, and in addition to existing channels such as SEO, web advertising, and affiliate advertising, a broad approach has become important in light of the expansion of diverse platforms such as SNS and social media.


Development of “OOH Marketing,” a New Advertising Method

As part of our strategy to achieve further growth in the future, we have established an “OOH Marketing” project team that combines web marketing with “OOH advertising” that provides visual impact.

In addition to existing OOH advertising, the team will develop new channels to attract customers, form alliances and collaborations, and utilize ACCA’s web marketing know-how to effectively help clients attract customers and branding.

What is OOH Marketing?

OOH marketing is an abbreviation for “Out-of-Home Marketing. It is a marketing technique that combines OOH advertising (OOH media such as outdoor digital signage, vision advertising, posters, billboards, events, virtual spaces, etc.) as well as web marketing and media mix to develop advertising messages in outdoor spaces and public places.
It is a more effective advertising method that allows advertisers to communicate information and messages to diverse targets.


Publication of a special website

In connection with this project, a new special website for OOH marketing has been launched.

Future Prospects

In the future, we will promote alliances with OOH advertising companies and provide solutions that incorporate OOH marketing into existing web marketing for PR and branding of our clients’ services and products.
In addition, we will actively engage in OOH marketing demonstrations, planning, and collaboration to promote the creation and utilization of new customer attraction channels.

Through this project, we aim to support our clients’ business growth and at the same time differentiate ourselves in the increasingly competitive advertising industry.
We aim to maximize our clients’ results by responding quickly to the diversifying advertising environment and developing innovative strategies.


Company Profile

Company name: Akka Communications, LLC
Representative :Miyuki Ito, Representative Partner
Location: 2-22-14 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062
Establishment :July 7, 2011
TEL :050-3159-6003 (Representative)
・Business Activities:
1. Website production, online store support and consulting
Seminar business, corporate training
Internet media and advertising agency business

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